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Please give a warm welcome to April Lozano-Rondon!

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April is our new Medical Massage Therapist. Read a bit about her life and pathway to massage therapy. We welcome her as a lovely addition to our growing team of professional wellness advocates.

Since her childhood, April was always told that she has healing hands. She felt she was born to be a massage therapist. Using her hands as vessels for healing, April believes she has a God given gift.
Her passion for serving others started in youth ministry when she was only 15 years old. A few short years later, after graduation, her family encouraged her to pursue her passion. April enrolled into the Nevada School of Massage Therapy and graduated in 2006.
Through this passion, April is now equipped to use holistic therapy to help people of all walks of life. Her favorite methods are structural integration, trigger point therapy and energy work.
Through this knowledge and skill, April has developed many note-worthy testimonies and successes. She is currently in a mentorship program for orthopedic assessment, lead by Ryan Witholt. She also has her own practice in The Art of Healing. Here, she incorporates Structural Integration and Cupping Therapy.
We're excited to welcome her to the team. Don't forget that we still have a promotion for first time massages; a 25% discount.
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