Dr. Julie Quan

Dr. Julie Quan

"Protecting kids by empowering health conscious moms."


Dr. Quan practices the Gonstead System of Chiropractic which is a specific hands-on technique that carefully analyzes which nerve may be the cause of a patient's health issue.

Within the chiropractic profession, there are over a hundred different techniques and/or method of delivering care. Amongst these techniques, Gonstead is one of the most specific hands-on techniques. It is the system that we use to analyze and adjust the spine.

Of the seven core values, Growth is our foundational core value. It is the value that guides the rest of our values: Integrity, Service, Heart-Centered Care, Clean Living, Commitment and Communication.

Quan Chiropractic is here to offer hope to those that have lost it.  We serve with an open hand and heart.  We understand that sometimes life’s storms may feel impossible to get through, and our team is dedicated to helping lighten your burden.