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Helene Heksch Testimonial Quan Chiropractic Las Vegas

Dr. Quan has taught us how to heal from the inside out and we have thrived on living a holistic lifestyle.

"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it." Dr. Quan has taught us how to heal from the inside out and we have thrived on living a holistic lifestyle. My husband and I started seeing Dr. Quan about 4 years ago. I sought care for TMJ, neck and back pain. My husband also had back pain and stiff neck issues. After being in her consistent care my TMJ vanished and we were amazed how much relief we got from our backs and necks. Our overall health was impeccable, we never got sick. During allergy season I would get sneezing attacks and be stuffed up for days. I'd be desperate for some over the counter pills to survive the day. I can proudly say that I no longer have allergies after being in her care. We learned from Dr. Quan that our immune system is our "greatest medicine" and when our bodies get adjusted it will function up to its optimal ability protecting us from daily viruses, bacteria, and pollutants.

I have two strong, and healthy children which I can attribute to getting adjustments while pregnant. Both pregnancies had no complications and no hip pain. I delivered both babies with ease and cannot thank Dr. Quan enough for helping me align my hips so that delivery was without complication. While earth side, both of my babies got to meet their chiropractor just days after being born. When my son was born, my midwife was concerned that my baby boy had a small fontanel (soft spot) and wanted me to see the pediatrician right away. I voiced my concerns to Dr. Quan and she adjusted him that same night. Instantly, my son's soft spot felt bigger. She released a lot of pressure from his head that was affected during delivery. I saw my midwife the next day and she was very surprised his fontanel opened up and I told her that my amazing chiropractor adjusted him. Her mouth dropped and couldn't believe it. That very same night my son only woke up twice during the night compared to six times the previous night.

We love Heidi, she always greets us with a warm smile and she's one of those people that is approachable, calm and cool. Our little girl loves playing with the toys and tricycle in the waiting room. The accommodations at the office are perfect especaiily the yummy nuts and chocolate. We will continue care from Quan Chiropractic with our children and ourselves because we believe in her holistic, healing hands.

Helene Heksch


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